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I've spent over $150,000 and invested more than 10,000 hours of teaching, experimenting and learning on a deep cellular level about the best love, intimacy, and conscious relating practices.

I'm obsessed with creating meaningful experiences that guide you to maximize your pleasure! For you to love the body you are in, embrace your emotions, upgrade your relationships and enjoy your passion. These practices have completely changed my habits, my thoughts, how I feel about myself and my life. These practical tools can help you align to your highest vibration of love ♥︎

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Put Your FINGERPRINT on the World

Give your dreams a chance. You don't want to leave this world without us knowing you were here. Give us the gift of YOU. Because you were here for a reason, to fulfill your unique purpose. Your only job is to be true to yourself, what is most authentic to you. What ACTION can you take today to CHOOSE YOU?

Why You Think, Feel & Behave the Way You Do

Evolutionary psychology is radically changing our full understanding of the key motivations for being human. Look behind all of your choices, decision making, and understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do. Learn the fundamentals of human psychology and how to hack your genetic codes to ensure your greatest happiness.  

Learn the 5 CORE PERSONALITY Traits

Ever wonder why trivial things bother you more or less than it does others? Why may you take greater risks or be more conservative in your choices? Why relationships and work seem to be easier or harder for you then it does to others? The answers to these questions lie in your genetic codes as the 5 core personality traits. Learn an in-depth understanding of your core makeup and learn how to beat your genes! It's a dial on an oven range, measure your tempretu


You can only give what you have. Your power base is a self generating well of energy that will fuel your heart's deepest desire and you must align your personality and embrace your shadow to your soul.

Dance with Your Shadow

Your shadow holds more than just the skeletons in your closet. Everything you've been afraid to show the world is just an arms reach away creating a massive split that dissconnects you from your fullest potential. If you are constantly protecting, trying to prove, hide and defend yourself you are consumed with robbing yourself of valuable energy. Learning to dance with your shadow is about celebrating all of you. By looking at your shadow, you'll find what you are most committed to and invest in unconsicously—make it conscious and get your enegy back!

Body Activation Exercises

Action is everything. Reading, thinking, talking about it over a cup of coffee may seem like an investment but unless you move your body—your muscles—to trigger your physical circuits—your nervous system—for lasting and the greatest progress to move you forward along your jouney and path towards your highest greatness.  

Visualization Meditation Rituals  

Fuel your entire being by taping into your intellect and mind by channeling powerful visualization meditation techniques and rituals. You will find your center, ease, and harmony through these visceral expressions of your soul in your physical essence.

Custom-Blended Essential Oils 

Nature's medicine—Essential Oils are the highly concentrated natural oils derived from plants through a distillation process. The name "Essential Oil" is because the most essential part of the plant—the plant's true essence is used in this process. carrying the healing properties and characteristic fragrance of the plant. These Essential oils contain . have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. While the oils are still in the plant, they provide the plants with protection against predators and disease and also play a role in plant pollination. As these properties carry forward into the essential oils, folk medicine since ancient times has made use of essential oils in medicinal practices. 

How to Emotional Release

How to Transmute Feelings into Life Force Energy. Art and science of emotional release tools to transform dysphoric emotions into energetic power in a safe currated container, bring the unnamed feelings out of the shadow and into breathing a fresh start when you can clear what no longer serves you, you can make room for more sensuality and pleasure.

Try a High REWARDS Investment—RISK FREE!
The foundation to a liberated life is in your sovereignty.

The quality of your happiness in your personal and professional relationships, life purpose and experiences all come from you being in your CENTER. When you feel stuck, resistance, challenges, you must come back to your power source and refuel. This is Mastery Level on that inner journey and when completed you will earn your total liberation from worries, pain, rejection, fear, and have a deeper, stronger connection to source energy. 

If you are ready to shift this today, then you're in the right place to start. Get ready to…
Allow your BEING to align with what you're DOING. 
  •  Learn how to relate to your loved ones, coworkers, friends, children, employees, employers and everyone in between at the depth connectivity and resonance that is unimaginable.
  •  Teach you through knowledge demonstration and actual processes how to master all the relationships in your life — for evermore.Take existing relationships to a higher level and gain enormous benefit.
  •  Get out of the wrong relationships and be in the relationships you want to have.
  •  Discover solutions and strategies to turn undesirable relationships into highly desirable ones.
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