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It's time to truly invest in your relationship happiness. You've given your all into your career, your livelihood, and you're ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The best ROI is measured in your passion, desire and health of your connection with your soulmate.   
Enjoy being with the love of your life as 
an organic result of aligning with your truest being. 
Are you tired of reading the tea leaves? There's nothing more personal and delicate than your mate selection for a romantic relationship. So how do you calibrate to the dating market? Well, you're not meant to do this alone—or you would have done it by now. And you most definitely don't need to wait for the stars to align or get out of retrograde! 

Welcome to your total sexual liberation. My commitment to you—I've spent over $150,000 and invested more than 10,000 hours of teaching, experimenting and learning on a deep cellular level about the best love, intimacy, and conscious relating practices.I will honor your unique relationship journey with reverence, integrity and love.  
Activate your 7 Chakras and get connected to your soul path.
Know yourself as a self generating and life giving energy force. 
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