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"Ria truly understands the underlying sexual shame that our society holds onto. With her relational skill set, she opens up hearts and makes pleasure safe again!" 

Jay N.

"Ria facilitated the taking down of internal barriers I never realized existed, guiding me into a world I only thought was possible by dreaming."

Amaya D.

"Ria is pure magic. The container she creates is filled with love, tenderness & laughter. A rare & beautiful experience of exploring my sensuality!"

Sam S.

Hi, I'm Ria
I'm an Open Love & Sacred Sexuality Expert
On a mission to share sex, love and relationship upgrades like WOW!
You're here because you're READY to have a NEXT LEVEL RELATIONSHIP
and LOVE that books are written about!
>> You know there is more to life than just what meets the eye

>> You can feel the emptiness where you're supposed to feel ALIVE!!

>> You're ready to get REAL results and TRANSFORMATION in your life!

When you can walk through your mind to appreciate your character & explore your depths, you will experience radical freedom and deep inner peace.
>> Learn Ancient and Modern Tantric practices to be The Ultimate Lover!

>> Get a download on group dynamics and upgrade your friendships and community

>> Crack your genetic code by embracing evolutionary psychology hacks

>> Make more money and have dynamite sex — yes, money & sex are related!!
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