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What People Are Saying...

Ria truly understands the underlying sexual shame that our society holds onto. With her relational skill set, she opens up hearts and makes pleasure safe again—Jay N.

Ria facilitated the taking down of internal barriers I never realized existed, guiding me into a world I only thought was possible by dreamingAmaya D.

Ria is pure magic. The container she creates is filled with love, tenderness & laughter. A rare & beautiful experience of exploring my sensualitySam S.

Hi, I'm Ria—
I'm an Open Love & Sacred Sexuality expert on a mission to share relationship upgrades for more love & freedom.

Like you, I didn’t have the proper guidance and grew up shackled in sexual shame and guilt. After getting my heart broken over and over again, I had enough of the same destructive patterns popping up and creating havoc in my life. 

I became obsessed with learning about intimacy and relationships. I spent over $150,000 and invested years of my life studying Love & Tantra.
I can be your guide and friend on the incredible journey of liberation. Let go of old programming and finally love wholeheartedly! Tantric practices, understanding group dynamics and embracing evolutionary psychology are just some of the many methods I use in my tool box. When you can walk through your mind to appreciate your character & explore your depths, you will experience radical freedom and deep peace.
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