Upcoming Events
The 6th Annual 2018 ISTA Festival of
Sexuality & the Evolution of Consciousness
Dead Sea, Israel, September 12th -15th 2018
As we continue to grow our movement, we are thrilled to invite you to join us for 4 full days with the international community. This year the festival will be before the ISTA Core gathering and therefore 12 of the ISTA lead teachers and many other facilitators apprentices and organizers of ISTA will come to share their gifts and presence. 
ISTA Core Gathering 2018
Arava, Israel, September 16th - 22nd 2018
This is a very special ISTA gathering of worldwide Faculty and Organizers for 2018. An opportunity for us all to journey deep into the heart & pulse of the desert.
Clarifying Boundaries to Participation: A message from Governance

We wish this Core Gathering to be a focal point for the Global ISTA Community and a deepening of connections and tapping into the wisdom of the field. To this end we want to focus participation, rather than broaden it into a general gathering. The ISTA Festival, the preceding week, is a place for general community celebration. 
ISTA Japan 2019
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Past Events
Tantra Games: Supercharge
Your Heart & Body!
And Get Out of Your Head!
Event is closed. 
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Tired of small talk? 

Come to connect with like-hearted men and women at this Tantra-Puja inspired event. Engage in flirty, fun, sensual exercises (all PG of course) to bring out your true self. You’ll be paired with different participants to delve into heart opening meditations, playful communication, energetic practices, conscious improv, and body language games. Exercises are created to inspire transparency, vulnerability, awareness and loving kindness. Participation is always optional and by choice. Modern life is chaotic and demanding, and you have what it takes to learn tools and skills to enjoy your relationships with more ease. Because let’s face it, life is more enjoyable together! 

Event is closed. 
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  • Learn advanced skills for deeper INTIMACY 
  •  Rediscover your SENSUAL INNOCENCE 
  •  Learn about boundaries and CONSENT 
  •  Receive powerful transmissions of FREEDOM & LOVE 
  •  HEAL toxic patterns that get in your way 
  •  Learn CONSCIOUS communication tools 
  •  Find COMMUNITY & deep friendships 
  •  Build rock-solid CONFIDENCE 
  •  LAUGH your face off 
  •  Feel ALIVE in your BODY and get out of your head!
What To Do About #MeToo 
@ Burning Man )'( 2018
Featured Presenter at the Camp Mystic 2018 Speaker Series: 
A New Story of Humanities Evolution
Ria Bloom
Thursday, August 30th, 1pm - 2:30 pm
Camp Mystic @ 2 & E inside the Mystic Theater

It’s Camp Mystic’s 20th Anniversary and we want to share the best that we have to offer! The Feminine is shouting and expressing herself like never before. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to upgrade the social consciousness around Radical Consent, Boundaries, Integrity, and Self-Expression. In this Evolutionary Psychology meets Tantra workshop we will process the #MeToo movement with a focus on embracing Conscious Relating. To develop more compassion in our social worlds we need to get clear on what we’re individually responsible for and what's out of our control. Learn the underlying motivations that drive human decision making and how to consciously enforce your boundaries both verbally and non-verbally in this creative workshop. 

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