Why Tantra is Important to #MeToo
When my FB feed started to flood months ago with #MeToo, the feminist in me was singing hallelujah! 

WHAO! Women who were silently suffering now have a platform to express their pain in hopes of healing!

But something else in my heart didn’t quite jive.

A few girlfriends wrote their personal stories that ranged from unwanted cat calls to horrific sexual assault stories on their social media, followed by #MeToo.

I was asked a couple of times to write about my unwanted sexual experiences because almost every woman has been prey to some shape, form, or fashion of sexual harassment.

But nothing specific came to mind. 

So I’ve been quiet, judging the scene from my corner to see if it will blow over but instead, it’s become a movement.

I see women come together, beautiful strangers, whom bond in a courageous sisterhood based on understanding and sympathizing in each other’s struggles. 

But as women grow a stronger bond forged in pain, I see more suffering. 

A male lover of 4+ years now outcasted from multiple sex positive groups and organizations because a lousy relationship became the rotting apple to his social reputation. 

A male mentor, lover, and friend was called out publicly for his actions 7 years ago when he was under the impression the now incident was consensual sex. 

Interrogation and a fine tooth comb scrutinizing male behavior.

The feminine is shouting, very loudly.

But is it clear?

It’s an almost constant pendulum swing from abusive patriarchy in the other direction. 

But we’re still on the same spectrum, one side versus another. 

Just opposite sides of the same ride and we need to get off the damn thing!

Yes, there’s a lot of pain. Stuff that has been swept up under the rug for not just years but decades and centuries are spilling out. 

Yes, it all needs to come out of the shadow and into the light.

The battle of the sexes has been going on for years and at this rate, continues further.

Tantra brings the inner divine feminine and masculine into a harmonious marriage. 

Respect, honoring, consciousness and empowerment become the cornerstones of sovereignty. 

Meaning, the masculine in my feminine body will stand up for her and protect her when I fully embrace him.

It’s not a perfect system, but in the imperfection is the beauty of learning to grow.
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