Dirty Talk for Sapiosexuals

Language didn't come easily to me.

I remember crying and sulking during my home tutoring sessions. 

I was so angry with my mother, desperately trying to get me to read, write and study.

She was the American English speaker in my Japanese childhood home. 

I attended public school in Japan, all in Japanese. And she made sure that I got my English game on.

So I turned to art because drawings didn't have a language barrier. (If I didn't hate practicing the piano so much, I could have been playing at the symphony by now!)  

So I had this story in my head, I'm not a strong writer, reader or speaker.

And struggled a lot writing essays, reading books and engaging in intellectual debates when I moved to the States in the 5th grade. 

But then I fell in love with a spoken word artist in my senior year in high school and writing poetry became very sexy!  

But I was still very shy when it came to sex, let alone dirty talking. 

Fast forward 17 years and my boyfriend Kenny loves when I dirty talk.

So it got me thinking, what's changed? How did I go from a silent artist into a sexually awakened dirty talker? 

I got out of my head and went into my pussy!

Even though I'm speaking during sex I'm not saying them from my head.

I only say things that move through me from the opening in my vagina.   

I use the sensations in my body and find metaphors that describe them. I get to be creative and have fun.

It's like free association meets spoken word poetry from my pussy.  "I love hugging your thick tree trunk with my silky butterfly lips, penetrate me deeper baby, I want your nectar and tree sap!" "Oh you juice me up like a fat turkey with your turkey baster, I give so many thanks for you!"

It doesn't have to be complicated. "I receive, I receive. Give me, give me." "I'm intoxicated by you."

It's not just what I say but how I say it.  I whisper it in Kenny's ear. I smile when I say it. I took him deep in his eyes and show him I mean it, no matter how silly and awkward it might sound to our sober minds. 

If your genitals could talk, sing and praise, what would they convey?

Ria Bloom 

Ria is a Sex Educator, Tantra Teacher, and Relationship Coach. She is committed to transformational practices and facilitates the greater connection between people with a focus on body awareness. Ria earned her M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and founded her private coaching practice. 

Ria is apprentice faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and began her journey in the deep jungles of Hawaii where she found immediate resonance and a true calling to raise sexual consciousness across the globe. She is born and raised in Japan, to a Japanese Buddhist father and Jewish American mother. She has straddled multiple worlds and dimensions from a young age. Ria is the author of an online comic strip series “Welcome to my Riality,” and currently resides with her beloved Kenny in San Diego.

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