Hi, I'm Ria Bloom—
—And I know how it feels when you're disconnected to your body and sexuality.

Like you, I didn’t have the proper guidance and grew up shackled in sexual shame and guilt. Every curse word and insult I heard since the peak of my pubescent innocence was some form of body shaming insult and sexual slang. Just when my body was blossoming into a voluptuous sexual woman—I learned that it was something to be ashamed of and to hide—how twisted is that?! I'm sure you can relate...

Are you tired of these old destructive programs popping up and creating havoc in your love life? 
I'm here to show you back to your pleasure!

My purpose is to share an empowering way for you to relate with your body—especially your sexuality. I love embracing all of your emotions—the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Because in the deepest parts of you lies untouched GOLD that can fuel your life.

I’m honored to have worked with clients all over the world who had the courage to ask questions and seek guidance. I have studied and collaborated with some of the most talented shamans and Tantrikas in the world who are also on a mission to heal sexual shame and guilt.

I get it because...

I did everything by the book and still felt empty inside. After getting my heart broken over and over again, I had enough of the same destructive patterns ruining my mojo! I became obsessed with learning about relationships and sex. I spent over $150,000 and invested years of my life learning about love and intimacy:

  • A Master’s in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University
  •  Faculty apprentice at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)
  •  Evidence-Based Executive Coaching
  •  Comprehensive Bodywork from Synchro Way of Life in Japan
  •  And countless Online Programs & Live Events! 
You can enjoy a total sexual and relationship UPGRADE !!
Pleasure is your Birthright!
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